Transmigration Blues

Come one
Come all
to the quarky ball
Where dancing skeletons
pick up stones
on this earthly scow
and clone the bones
Stand up now!
and let those photons
shoot right through you
Scotty to Kirk:
I’ve giv’n her all she’s got Captain
an’ I canna give her no more
But Jezebel says:
There’s music in
these old bones yet
Just ask Ezekiel
The Lord God says:
Son of Man
can these bones live?
Let the frosting melt
in MacArthur Park
’cause the recipe isn’t lost
in the rain
in the air
in the dust
in the dark
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny
Out through the orifice I skinny
Does DNA dream
in Schrödinger’s kitty?
I’ll never be nothing
now or then
I’m already
Here We Go Again


dancing skeletons

Top photo courtesy of Marissa Anderson (Flickr Creative Commons)