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This is a blog of my original poetry. Thank you for visiting and commenting. The foundation of my work is the conviction that, although some are despoiling the Earth for power and profit, we are made in the image of God as necessary stewards with a rightful place in Creation. Human beings should not be prevented from enjoying its beauty nor designated as undeserving of life. 


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  1. Your beauty is more than just the balance of features and elegant lines of your eyes and smile. It seems to emanate from within, from a heart of integrity and faith in The God Who Is There. Blessings on you, my friend.

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        1. Nature and human relationships have been my focus, but I’d like to integrate more overtly spirituality and our Creator. I’m on sabbatical currently but look forward to writing more this winter while hibernating. Thank you for asking.

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          1. Some Christian reviewers commented that I was not shy about my faith. I was glad to hear that. I don’t sound religious in my poetry but expressed my trust in God. Surely I reflected on God’s creation and sovereignty in nature. See you more in winter.

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