Spring Under the Cherry Blossoms — Lady Budd

“What a strange thing! to be alive beneath cherry blossoms.” Kobayashi Issa, Poems Kobayashi Issa speaks of the beauty of life and the fragility of existence. The brevity of life and the transient beauty of cherry blossoms compels us to reflect on the briefness of a human life. There is a subtle call to action, […]

Spring Under the Cherry Blossoms — Lady Budd

Sharing Rebecca Budd’s blog post is my response to the Naturalist Weekly’s prompt for this week’s micro and mini season.



Author: Mary Jo Malo

Christian, mother, grandmother, and poet of occasional worth.

25 thoughts on “Spring Under the Cherry Blossoms — Lady Budd”

  1. I am delighted that you shared Spring Under the Cherry Blossoms, Mary Jo. For the past few days, I have been in Victoria for a family reunion to celebrate my mother, Frances’s 92nd birthday. We went to Butchart Gardens where the winter garden was just transitioning to early spring. I felt an awakening even through there was a scarcity of flowers. The leaves were slowly emerging. Thank you for introducing me to the ancient Japanese 72 seasons. I see that we have entered the time of “Awakening of Insects.” This is when when the peach trees come into flower. I just came from a walk in the sunshine (we have had many days of rain) and found that the cherry blossoms are just beginning to open. What a lovely sight.

    “In the cherry blossom’s shade
    there’s no such thing
    as a stranger.”
    Kobayashi Issa

    Sending hugs along with my gratitude!!

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