Micro-Season: “Plants Show Their First Buds” (2023) — Naturalist Weekly

We have entered the micro-season of “Plants Show Their First Buds”. This is the third micro-season of the mini-season Rain Water. To celebrate this season, we will learn about plant buds and read seasonal haiku by Issa, Basho, and Shiki.

Micro-Season: “Plants Show Their First Buds” (2023) — Naturalist Weekly

In response to this week’s the Naturalist Weekly prompt about buds and sprouts, below are two of mine from last year. How many of us know that the terminal buds Mark mentions, such as form on maple trees, actually appear in autumn, survive winter, and await spring to blossom forth? Buds feed some birds throughout the long cold winter months, if such is your climate. I like to think of those tiny nutrient rich buds bundled up and protected, kind of hibernating like many of us during winter, then bursting out in spring.


Author: Mary Jo Malo

Christian, mother, grandmother, and poet of occasional worth.

18 thoughts on “Micro-Season: “Plants Show Their First Buds” (2023) — Naturalist Weekly”

  1. Thank you for revisiting your posts of the past during this special season, Mary Jo. I look forward to your posts that the ancient Japanese seasons. I especially appreicate the slowness of the process.

    You have inspired me to research the connections between Japanese Haiku masters. I just discovered Morikawa Kyoriku (1656-1715) He was a feudal retain of Kikongo, Omi-no-kuni (Shiga Prefecture) He devoted himself to haiku from around the age of 30. He studied under Basho, and was known as having Basho’s particular trust.

    This is the painting that he was to have completed in 1693 that shows Matsuo Bashō and Kawai Sora on pilgrimage.

    Thank you for opening up this amazing area of exploration.

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    1. Thank you for this contribution, Rebecca. The subtlety of seasonal transitions is wonderful to explore along with the “Naturalist Weekly.” Being a student of Bashō must have required not only his trust but also his stamina for his many sojourns!

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  2. Hi Mary Jo,
    I really enjoyed Haiku 20. It also fits nicely with Wales Haiku Journal’s weekly prompt of “emerging green”. Spring is in the air! —Well maybe not where I am. We are expecting more snow. But other places! Thanks again for sharing you work and linking up.

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  3. Our grass stayed green all winter. But just about a month ago the geese started visiting backyards to make muddy little holes to eatting the new growth. I have a feeling that this particular pair may have gosslings early!!

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