Micro-Season: “Haze First Covers The Sky” (2023) — Naturalist Weekly

We have entered the micro-season of “Haze First Covers the Sky”. This is the second micro-season of the mini-season Rain Water. To celebrate this season, we will learn about haze and read seasonal haiku from Basho, Buson, Issa, and Shiki.

Micro-Season: “Haze First Covers The Sky” (2023) — Naturalist Weekly

In response to Mark’s prompt, I choose fog for its several autumn/winter/spring appearances. Sometimes the precipitation creates frost, sometimes fog, sometimes both. Here’s one from last year:

Frozen dawn, bare trees
hide-and-seek with fog, tardy
school bus grumbles near



Author: Mary Jo Malo

Christian, mother, grandmother, and poet of occasional worth.

22 thoughts on “Micro-Season: “Haze First Covers The Sky” (2023) — Naturalist Weekly”

    1. Hadn’t thought of that, Goff! That machine barely handles what Creation dishes out and is no match for the natural beauty of fog, as well as its dangers. I remember those as creepy, foggy mornings and nerves on those roads.

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  1. I am enjoying walking with you along the 72 seasons of the Ancient Japanese Calendar, Mary Jo. There is a spring mist that covers Vancouver especially when walking in the forests. You can feel the moisture against the skin. I wondered if we experienced the same mist as Japan. After a brief search I found that “Tokyo has a humid subtropical climate (Cfa) whereas Vancouver, British Columbia has a Mediterranean warm climate (Csb). Tokyo is in or near the warm temperate moist forest biome whereas Vancouver, British Columbia is in or near the cool temperate wet forest biome.”http://www.tokyo.climatemps.com/vs/vancouver.php

    I continue to learn.

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  2. Likewise! I’m enjoying the similarities and differences within the micro-seasons. The varieties of precipitation in just one climate niche is fascinating, let alone all of them. We have memories of each one we’ve inhabited, be it only one or several. I’m so habituated to a Great Lakes Basin batch of seasons, it’s lovely to hear about others. Thank you, Rebecca.

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          1. I do remember walking to school in zero degree temps in a miniskirt, though. My legs quickly went numb, so it didn’t bother me. Now I complain if I have to go from the house to the unattached garage in the cold. *Eye roll*

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