32 thoughts on “Reclusive”

  1. The last line “monastics” captures the essence of this season for me. Winter has always been a sacred and reflective time. I am so pleased that we are following the 72 seasons. Today, we enter the season: “The Giant Butterbur Flowers.” I had never heard of this plant before so I went to Google and found this:

    “giant butterbur. P. japonicus is a substantial plant, producing huge suborbicular leaves to 90cm across, reaching 150cm in height, in summer. Flowers are cream to white, borne in February on stout erect stems to 30cm.”

    We have them here, Mary Jo!!! I’m heading out to see if I can find some.

    Always, always,always a joy to stop by your place.

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    1. Oh, Rebecca, I do hope you found some! I can’t even imagine a flower here in Wisconsin outdoors in February. I looked it up too, thank you, and seems it would almost get lost among other green foliage. But you are an adventurous detective. The flowers are unassuming and deserve your acknowledgment. 🙂

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      1. I am on the hunt, Mary Jo. I’m certain that I have seen this plant in the Japanese garden at Park & Tilford Gardens. When I arrived at the gate to the garden, it was locked. The rain was coming down in buckets which is an excellent reminder that spring is around the corner.

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    1. It’s been so drab and gloomy here this winter with no snow, I’d be delighted to see their flash of color. The next time the sun shines and it’s warm enough to venture outdoors, I might get lucky and find one singing. 🙂

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  2. I find the idea of cardinals as winter monastics very appealing. Your haiku reminds me that northern New England has many micro-seasons within spring. Spring does not come to us easily–but when it does, oh, when it does!

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  3. We have cardinals living in the little strip of woods behind our house. The males’ brilliant red feathers provide lovely bright spots against the dull landscape. When it snows, the cardinals stand out in stark contrast to all the white. I’m so glad they stay the winter!

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