Learning Haiku

Traditional haiku themes found here! I encourage you to visit the Naturalist Weekly, but only if you love nature and poetry. Who does not? πŸ™‚


Author: Mary Jo Malo

Christian, mother, grandmother, and poet of occasional worth.

23 thoughts on “Learning Haiku”

          1. You’re welcome! I’ve been seeing so many good pantoums in the past year or so, I really wanted to try my hand at one. I’ve drafted it, and it ended up being a found poem (FBI case file)/pantoum hybrid. I have no idea whether it actually works! Time will tell . . .

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  1. I have so much trouble with wordpress. Have a hard time getting to your site and commenting. I am on a free blog with wordpress and I guess I will have to get a paid site to correct all the obstacles wordpress throws at me.

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      1. Well, I am glad to hear paid sites have issues – I thought they were just picking on all of us who refused to pay. Have a Merry Christmas Mary. Can’t believe Christmas is almost here.

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