Fathers in nature

Fathers who sing

Fathers by nature

Fathers unsung

Unknown fathers

Absent fathers

Abusive fathers

Patient fathers

Founding fathers

Church fathers

Fathers of faith

Foundling fathers

Father of Light

Father of the Son

Father always with me

Our Father, the One


Author: Mary Jo Malo

Christian, mother, grandmother, and poet of occasional worth.

31 thoughts on “Father”

  1. Mary Jo, you have the most evocative thoughts in your poetry. Each line is a definition that calls us to return to memories of the past and present. You are subtle in your call to action for the future. If we understand the definition, then we must respond with our truth. Abba Father was the words that came to me, which comes from an Aramaic word for father that is personal, comforting, intimate. On a side note, I love your new title β€œThe Wound the Heals.”

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    1. Thank you, dearest Rebecca. We each have a different experience with these definitions, our truth, as you wisely say. I’m fortunate to depend on your truth throughout our blogging community. You foster not only kindness but integrity with your authenticity. I learn from your example daily.

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