27 thoughts on “Haiku #30”

    1. Thank you, Jeff. Reading it aloud, the words don’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it might work to suggest the panicky feeling. Unfortunately ‘strafe’ automatically comes watching too many war movies growing up.

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      1. Indeed, it does work. I got the “panicky and ouchness”. Ah, I watched lots of war movies growing up, yet hadn’t encountered that word, or, rather, don’t remember doing so. You’re most welcome, Mary Jo.

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  1. Vivid tour de force of a poem, Mary Jo! Reminds me that, when I was a kid, I walked onto my back porch from inside the house, narrowly missed stepping on a baby bird I didn’t see, and got attacked by the parent bird. 😲

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    1. Yikes! That must have been terrifying on both counts! Our feathered friends are not always so friendly. I’m always surprised that animals don’t understand there’s no threat from me, then call them dumb. Perhaps I’m the numbskull for believing they intuit or ‘think’ that deeply. Thank you, Dave. πŸ™‚

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    1. Perhaps, you’re overthinking it, Jason. It’s an accounting of my literal experience of blackbirds strafing me with their beaks flying so near my head, I could reach out and touch them if I dared! They weren’t guarding my head, they were guarding their territory and I was the enemy! Nothing deep or philosophical here. πŸ™‚ Sorry if I confused you.

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  2. How bizarre, Mary, I could almost swear that I commented on your poem; demonstrating both literally and figuratively that the blackbird went over my head. May we keep our hearts open to the truth that brings no harm…

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