Haiku #29

Cottonwood fluffs down
on juicy grass and clover
Winter in June masque

Photos above were taken with a phone during a recent walk and inspired by Timothy Price, Off Center and Not Even.


Author: Mary Jo Malo

Christian, mother, grandmother, and poet of occasional worth.

50 thoughts on “Haiku #29”

      1. There are so many cottonwood trees in my area, the fluff is in the air everywhere. It can be seen in the parks, ballparks and even above city streets. Not in the concentrations that I photographed next to the trees, of course. Just enough to make one ask, “what is that stuff?!”

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  1. Excellent summer snow Haiku. You are getting an abundance of cotton. Our cotton flows usually peak around 4th of July ready to ignite the dry tinders that spread quickly in our dry climate.

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      1. Cotton happens, it’s just not a good mix with dryness and fireworks. Fireworks have been banned in Corrales for years. Do people care? No! So some times people end up singing with the Talking Heads “Burning down the house!”

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  2. The photos are brilliant, Mary Jo. Tim has a way of inspiring our creative spirit. The connection of Winter and Summer seasons comes through gently with the cottonwood fluff, a reminder that we are all linked – that the barrier of time can be overcome with words, memories, moments.

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