38 thoughts on “Haiku #28”

    1. When I found this photo, I was stunned at how it illustrated not only the image I wanted to portray but also the atmosphere. I loved the tea table, the abundance of beautiful roses, but also the darkened interior of the cottage. The latter evoked even for me the haiku’s middle line.

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  1. I was stopped by this haiku, reading it again and again. The word “suffer” could mean the “you” of the poem is suffering and can’t enjoy the carefree beauty of the roses, or “suffer” could mean the “you” will allow the carefree beauty of the roses–or it could mean both at the same time. This is a truly incredible poem!

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    1. Yes, Liz, it’s both. I wasn’t sure such blatant use of the cut (kireji) and placement of the word ‘suffer’ would work. Although I hate to require ‘homework’ from readers, sometimes it’s unavoidable. 🙂 I really appreciate your time.

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    1. Touché, Jason! You’ve danced around the somber and gathered the roses. All is beautiful…even the humble lilies of the field, which today are adorned more splendidly than Solomon but tomorrow will perish. 🙂 Love on Earth, indeed.

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    1. Suffering and surrender is an astute observation, Jeff. Another element at play is my pairing of natural beauty and the beauty of man created in God’s image. The transitory nature of both has been dignified by a suffering God. Thank you, again.

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  2. Very beautiful! This is a poem you could read over and over again. It might speak one thing to you on a given day, and something else on another. it would depend on your mood…the roses are endlessly beautiful. But, even roses have their thorns, and there are blue days for us all…and days when the garden is a profusion of magical things. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Diana, for your astute observation. There are the literal person indoors suffering juxtaposed with the roses, and the figurative contrasting beauties of dignified man and carefree flowers.

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