40 thoughts on “Haiku #27”

    1. As always, Dave, many thanks for your comments. It was such a singular experience for me, and I planned to write about it ever since. It’s difficult to evoke this for someone who’s never heard it, but I tried. 🙂

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  1. I LOVE your Haiku poems, Mary Jo. I did not know that pine cones popped. I have heard pine cones fall to the ground, but never once did I hear them pop. So my goal for these coming months is to hear the pine cones popping. You sent me on a treasure hunt for more information. The snapping sound of the cones popping is when the seeds are released. Pinecone seeds must be released from their cones before the keys can be transported on the winds. I did not know this.

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    1. Dearest Rebecca, I’m so pleased you enjoy my little haiku. They’re beginning to accumulate!

      After I couldn’t believe my ears, I naturally searched for info. Apparently many pine cone varieties need a hot, dry Spring day to open and release their seeds. Knowing the precise day and time would require extraordinary, bird-like powers! 🙂

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      1. I am going to head out on a nature walk and have a conversation with my tree friends to find out when this mysterious happening will occur. I am in the beginning stages of my tree language course. Will keep you posted.

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