59 thoughts on “Haiku #25”

  1. Your picture, Mary Jo, seems to show myself planting various vegetables in our garden, without even needing a hoe, because the earth is so soft! Many thanks for you making us aware of this rabbit season:)

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        1. I never was expert, Dave. I just enjoyed it and that “planted the seed” especially in one of my daughters to become expert. These days I enjoy taking care of a few plants on the sunny windowsill of my apartment. πŸ™‚

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      1. I have serious deer problems, Liz. They’ve killed all but two fruit trees and devastated my roses. And when they get in my garden, it’s disaster time. When I go outside, they don’t even run away. They look up and say, “Yum, this kale is delicious!”

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  2. Dear Mary Jo – you always make me think deeply, even when you present a light-hearted and joyful story. We plan, we strategize, we work hard to create an environment for success. And yet, there is the unexpected forces that disrupt what we believe to be our finest efforts. Perhaps it is this disruption that ignites our creativity. You reminded me that in every thing we do, we much cherish humour, for it is said, β€œlaugher is the best medicine.” Sending many hugs your way…

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    1. And you have just reminded me of one of your themes this year… resilience! Disappointment can indeed spur creativity. Robbie Burns also comes to mind with his wee sleekit in the overturned field. πŸ™‚

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    1. A wabbit’s gotta do what a wabbit’s gotta do. Our young gardener will be learning about nature, sharing, patience, perseverance…and rabbit fencing. I once headed off a pig from the farm across the way, as it was making for my vegetable garden. Fortunately he only ate a few petunias before he reached his goal.


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