Haiku #20

Greens finally spring
—poking up through old dead leaves—
Geese devour the sprouts 

Upper and lower photos are courtesy of Jerry McFarland @ Flickr

Author: Mary Jo Malo

Christian, mother, grandmother, and poet of occasional worth.

56 thoughts on “Haiku #20”

  1. The geese have come back to our side of Vancouver. Their migration from Stanley Park to Olympic Village and Charleson Park was an arduous journey of about 4 miles. But they made it safely! LOL. Geese are extremely intelligent. In a discussion with City of Vancouver garden expert, we found out that culling the geese has proved difficult over the years. The City can cull on public land only – not on private property. The geese have figured this out. They lay their eggs on private property and then bring out all their goslings on the public parks at Granville Island. I have often wondered if we are the most intelligent species to walk/fly/swim this earth.

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    1. I love sharing stories of the ubiquitous Canadian geese. I don’t know if we have a culling program in our extensive public spaces, but I rarely see goslings here. They are however seen on the rivers and around town. Sounds like our geese are as clever as Vancouver’s!

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  2. Excellent, Mary Jo! You covered a lot of “ground” in three lines: the implied double meaning when you used the word “spring,” the cycle of life and death, and the struggle for survival in the plant and animal world.

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    1. Thank you, Dave, for noting the deeper meaning conveyed through simple words and imagery. And as with the Transcendentalists, there is often metaphor for human experience. I really appreciate this!


  3. Nature is to breathe out and love. The geese look magnificent and the photo makes them wonderful. It is a magnificent photo. Very good your Haiku. I really liked it a lot. Good weekend.
    Manuel Angel

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  4. I LOVE this time of year, watching everything green up. I was just saying yesterday how fast our lawn is greening up. I LOVE the color green. It feels glorious to see my fav color again!!! I adored your haiku!!! Happy Spring!! xo

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    1. Happy Spring to you too, AmyRose! Your photos of spring flowers are beautiful! They add to my enjoyment of the season. I love how wild flowers just crop up everywhere, as well as perennials in their allotted spaces. Just the beginning…xo

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  5. When I read your poem I really felt the force of spring or nature!
    There is also another story coming to my mind and that is about a war, which was fought more than 200 years B.C by the “Senons” against the Romans and the legend says that the holy geese of Juno saved the capitol in Rome so that it could not be sacked and conquered!
    Many thanks and happy Easter

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  6. Thank you very much Mary Jo, for your kind Easter wishes:) I very much hope that you, too, will have some pleasant days! I just wanted to tell you that this morning I tried to see, if the name of the people I mentioned here above is correct and it seems that in English it is Senones, a Gallic tribe ! Stay healthy:):):)

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  7. I liked the picture in your home page. It shows the tomb where jesus was buried. Am i right?
    Nice to meet you here, wonderful blog
    I like following you, hope you follow my humble blogs too

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