31 thoughts on “Haiku #19”

    1. Yep, the haiku usually comes first and then a search for the photo begins. A beautiful picture may stimulate my imagination or memory…but never its exact details. In that case they provide a “landscape” for the poem. Thanks, Frank!

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  1. Very nice! With Neptune conjuncting the Sun, mist and mirages go hand in hand, just like your conjoining poem & photo.

    PS: Been putting together a very stimulating presentation on Bosch’s painting in your honor for this Saturday’s post. Hopefully it resonates with you.

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      1. Actually, it may be more exciting if you engaged my post with fresh eyes, rather than reading up on Bosch before hand. Either way I have a good feeling you’ll enjoy my little extravaganza all the same! =)

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  2. Mary Jo, the special haiku which captures the wary hesitation perfectly … and I wonder if the gaps between words reflect the cautious steps! Whether with a cane or not, I think all should take care on the precarious stretch!

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