38 thoughts on “Haiku #15”

    1. I thought this might really resonate with you. The raw beauty of nature can present perils, but I can just envision you skating out in that dark, frozen wilderness and hearing those wolves. My grandfather as a boy lived in the woods of northern Wisconsin. He also told me about the wolves. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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  1. I particuarly like how you’ve followed sunny bright and nostalgic winter scenes with another, darker view of winter. Oh, those stray dogs send a shiver. This view adds depth, nuance, and truth to your series. (I’m already seeing these photos and haiku as a book.)

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    1. Thank you always, Liz, for your thoughtful and generous comments. This haiku is a partner to the one about the school bus and the fog…in my memory at least. I had to split the occasion into two distinct poems, trying to recapture waiting for the late bus in the frigid fog, the skeletal trees, and worrying about those dogs who roamed and harassed us.

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      1. The unconscious runs deeper than our lakes Mary; I hope you found a few minutes to enjoy the full moon we had today. Its overly misty and illuminous glow was especially luring this evening here on the Avalon, Newfoundland. While walking home during the early part of the evening, several dogs were barking, some howled; the encounter reminded me of you and your poetry.

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