55 thoughts on “Haiku #12”

      1. Marina and Rebecca, this didn’t even occur to me! I thought it was perhaps too romantic but never related it to fairy tales.Your comments make it magical, and that delights me to no end! Hugs plus hugs 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Becky. Surprise is one of the elements I remember from reading haiku which really appealed to me. Well that and humor. Surprise is perhaps related to the concept or element of a ‘cut’ which I’m still learning about. So much in this deceptively simple form of poetry.

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    1. Thanks, Tim, you just reminded me! This is another element of the form which can be subtle or overt. Of course the man on his knees is definitely suspended for that moment in time. Well that and probably frozen. 🙂


  1. A marriage proposal? Very effective example of a final line coming out of the blue (which sort of looks like the color of the snow in that striking photo). And the poem’s first two lines contain great imagery and use of language, Mary Jo.

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      1. Thank you for your comments, Dave! When you address the technical elements of my poems, I actually feel I could be a poet. It was the diamond like snow crystals of Sandra’s blog and photos which inspired this haiku, as well as the last line in its entirety seconds before posting a previous version. Writing is like that sometimes as you know 🙂


    1. Like you and others here, I love words and their power to be just that…life affirming. Thank you for your constant encouragement and support…and your own wonderful blogs which feature photography, videos, and tons of excellent writing doing the same for me. Hugs, hugs, hugs!

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    1. Thank you so much, Liz! I’m learning as I go and hope to exercise even more traditional elements of haiku. I’ll keep going but also look forward to your own poetry. It has a sacred or reverent quality which I enjoy and appreciate.

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      1. You’re welcome, Mary Jo. Thank you for your kind words about my poetry. I just had a tanka accepted for an anthology of postcard poetry, so I’m excited about that! I really enjoy postcard poetry, so I’m looking forward to reading the anthology.

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        1. Congratulations, Liz!! Now I’ve got to investigate the term, “postcard poetry,” in more depth, for on the surface it appears to relate only to the size of the poems. I suspect Rebecca is doing likewise. 🙂


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