35 thoughts on “Haiku #11

    • Thank you, Frank. I have a more ominous version of this haiku, but who needs that right now? When reading the masters of this form, I noticed humor was often an element, among others.

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Nicely arranged syllabic verses illustrating a beautiful frozen and dreamy scene broken by a grumpy, late school bus.

  2. Great poem, Mary Jo! You skillfully evoked how the emerging of a day and its responsibilities (such as going to school) can be quite jarring as a quiet night fades away.

  3. You have made me fall in love with winter all over again, Mary Jo. The idea of fog in winter is unusual, reminding me of the winter white outs where there was no difference between sky and earth. I just learned about a new word: gluggaveΓ°ur – Icelandic for β€œwindow weather” which is about when storms rage outside and we are safe inside with a cup of cocoa. It is weather that is nice to look at, but not as nice to experience. Another wonderful post and I love the follow-up comments. Hugs and more hugs!

    • Thank you, Graham. Traditional haiku include seasonal imagery. They’re helping me get through hibernation. As your abundance of emojis indicate. There are other seasons! πŸ™

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