28 thoughts on “Haiku #9

    • I’m so happy you visited, Peggy! Now I have another beautiful blog to enjoy each day. Gorgeous photography. I don’t take photos for my poetry but always delighted to use others when they allow.

      • Feel free to use any of my photos you wish. You have chosen some beautiful photos of others. Love to write poetry, but generally keep it to myself. Love your prose.

  1. Dear Mary Jo, you give a gentle benediction to the earth at rest, a song of silence, and a peace within the folds of winter. Profound words that add to the story of the photography. Thank you for the introduction to a wonderful photographer.

  2. My dear Mary Jo, although this is an ode to the pause of snow silence, there’s also something desolate and heavy, partly irreversible. Yet the bird song will come to life …soon. I hope I’m making sense. Moving haiku, my friend. xoxo

    • Yes, dear Marina, that’s the other aspect of the poem. The first line uses words for that effect, as well as ‘heavy’ in the second and ‘rest’ in the third. Winter has traditionally symbolized for many hibernation and sleep but also our hope for renewal and resurrection. This is what your lovely 2020 art calendar’s theme meant for me. In the darkest, coldest days of winter we await new life. In the cycle of seasons, we sense our eternity. When I found the photograph, it was perfect. Then I noticed it was part of Ann-Christine’s elegy for her friend. Here is the link:

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