44 thoughts on “Haiku #8”

      1. It’s not just the meaning of your words that naturally lead to a juxtaposition, it’s the sound of the words you have chosen too [etch, grasp / snowflakes softly] 😉 . Which is what makes it all the more exceptional.

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  1. Lovely! You certainly transported me to another place…and in so few words! That is a gift and such a wonderful thing to share. Thank you! 🙂 I may not get to skate on a pond or lake today, but I have in the past. And now, this morning, my feet are not in a pair of skates, but like a very good book you cannot put down, your poem has me ‘skating’ all the same.

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    1. Your comments are humbling, Linda. I strive to recreate moments many of us are blessed to experience and remember. It’s a gift that must be shared. I hope to honor God and his creation and to bless others with it. Thank you for sharing his gift to you, with us.


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