33 thoughts on “Haiku #4”

  1. You have, once again, opened the doors to my memory, Mary Jo. I remember ice fishing in Northern Manitoba. The ice would be at least 4 feet and most time 6 feet thick. Lynn Lake, which used to be a thriving mining town was where I grew up. Now, it is a tourist destination for fishing. This is the link that gives more information about the lakes that I remember, the fellowship of kindred spirits in the cold winter days. https://www.travelmanitoba.com/manitoba-north/things-to-do/ice-fishing/

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  2. Isn’t this a coincidence! My work colleagues and I were having an online chat about ice fishing (and pickup trucks plunging through the ice) yesterday morning. I agree with your other commenters about the synergy between the photograph and your haiku. They almost make me want to go ice fishing myself (almost!).

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    1. I love serendipity! The latitudes and attitudes of people who adapt to & enjoy weather extremes are happiest. After visiting the link Rebecca provided, I’m impressed by the size of some catches. Fun & filling freezers for the winter. Dangerous for sure, and fascinating to envision what lurks beneath the ice 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Martina! There are so very many other kinds of togetherness 🙂 I’m grateful to be part of this compassionate community and thank Rebecca Budd for introducing me to so many creative and kind people.


      1. Yes, I completely agree with you, Mary Jo, that this kind of community is very special and Rebecca has realy invested a lot of energy in it and it gives me, particularly in this period, a feeling of belonging to a group of people with similar interests.:)

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