43 thoughts on “Haiku #2”

      1. Trying to craft an image that does this for us is a creative challenge. The mother kneels under the vastness of the night sky. Thereโ€™s also symbolism with those tiny white lilies that suggests an ancient story of mothers and daughters and annunciations of sorts. Thank you, Rebecca for your appreciation of this poetic form. I may take this direction for awhile, and I appreciate all these wonderful comments. You help me see where I may have missed the mark or where I’ve hit it just right ๐Ÿ™‚

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        1. You ALWAYS hit the mark perfectly. I am excited that you are on a new direction. Here is a Haiku that I made up for you, Mary Jo!

          Friendship comes rejoice
          Across distant miles reach out
          Hold close together

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  1. That’s a wonderful Haiku. Which inspired another Haiku:

    Weeping mother stares
    acequia’s reflections
    can’t find her children

    I’m working on a paper about La Llorona.

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      1. Interesting you haven’t heard of her. She is gaining popularity around the world these days. I grew up with La Llorona. I still irrigate pretty much the same way people have for the past 300 years out here. La Llorona is very much a part of our culture, especially where there are acequias (irrigation ditches). I’ve been doing research and papers on the milxed language culture of north-central New Mexico. I’ve presented papers at medieval conferences and ancient and modern language conferences. I’ll be presenting the La Llorona paper in March for the NEMLA conference, which is virtual this year.

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        1. This haiku doesnโ€™t look right in the WordPress app. It breaks up the middle seven syllable line. Itโ€™s difficult enough composing a poem, but having to accommodate this restriction is frustrating. It will only appear in it’s three line format when viewed on your computer.

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              1. When I want lines to be close after each carriage return, I write the lines in a text editor then copy and paste the lines into WP. See my lyrics in TULIP. I centered the lyrics in TULIP, but I often use “Increase indent” to indent the poems and lyrics and keep them left justified. I use Text Edit on the Mac. I think Note Pad is the equivalent on Windows.

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                1. Thanks, Tim, for your suggestions! I’d assumed “Enable mobile theme” under the “Appearance” tab was still turned on to “Yes.” Apparently it was reset to “No” when I moved to block editing. This haiku should appear properly now in the WordPress app. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Mothers are very busy. And underappreciated. Time is luxury for a mother. The only time ‘to waste’ is time to pray and pursue peace!

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    1. Part of the reason I settled on that photo was that itโ€™s a sunny image. It added to the possibility her mother was out until dawn, deeply struggling with the disappointment not only with her daughter, but more importantly with herself. I love all these reactions. Wonderful!


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