A Very Special Thank You…

…to Rebecca Budd for reading two of my poems on her Tea Toast & Trivia podcast! I am honored to accompany her on a new adventure in podcasting, the use of letter writing as conversation between friends. Learn to navigate this ‘mysterious’ form of literature known as poetry while listening to Rebecca’s smiling voice.

And after you’re done there, head on over to her main page to check out all her other wonderful blogs: https://ladybudd.com/


Author: Mary Jo Malo

Christian, mother, grandmother, and poet of occasional worth.

11 thoughts on “A Very Special Thank You…”

  1. As I just wrote on the “Tea Toast & Trivia” site: “Listening to this ‘epistolary’ podcast was like reading an excerpt from a great epistolary novel. Such thoughtful eloquence about poetry, and life. Thank you, Rebecca and Mary Jo!”

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    1. I am thankful that Mary Jo agreed to share her insights on poetry. Poetry has always been a mysterious force for me. How do the words come? How are poets able to capture immense ideas in a few words? Thank you Elisabeth and Mary Jo for adding depth to my understanding of how words infuse vibrancy into our lives.

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  2. Thank you Mary Jo for sharing your original poetry and thoughts on the need for us to embrace a poet’s calling, whatever that form takes. It seems that when we do, we accept the challenge of living extraordinary lives with boldness and determination. When I look back on the twists, turns, and bumps in my timeline, courage came when I looked into the creative process and found kindred spirits who exemplified this ideal. We are on a grand adventure.

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