“…Same as the old boss…”

As Faustian deals
once again cement,
it’s too easy to ignore
poor Job’s lament.
But suffering shows
we’re all the same.
So when we’re one,
there’s no one to blame.

Who is it now
that demands we cower
to history
newly reconstructed?
That rough beast
slouching ever lower,
who prefers that reason
be deconstructed.

When liberation
masks raw power
and makes us bow
to new world disorder,
whose tempests now
blow even stronger,
we need an anchor
forged of courage
to withstand them
yet a little longer.

So when they cleverly
try to divide us,
we reject their slogans
of scorn as porous.
It’s in those spaces
filled with our disbelief,
we may speak together
in sweet relief.

There is one word,
one name I trust.
Everything else
has turned to rust.

first duty is to listen

Top photo shared from LoveYou2.org; bottom in the public domain

BONUS VIDEO: The Who for all you old rockers out there 😉

Won’t Get Fooled Again



Author: Mary Jo Malo

Christian, mother, grandmother, and poet of occasional worth.

19 thoughts on ““…Same as the old boss…””

  1. No, we certainly won’t! For a very long time now, and even more so lately, I feel that slouching beast’s presence. I appreciate these lines in particular:

    we need an anchor
    forged of courage
    to withstand them
    yet a little longer.

    “Anchor” is just the right word. We are buffeted and tossed, but we won’t become unmoored.

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    1. Thank you for your comments, Liz. And I just realized I misremembered Yeats’ phrase. It’s “rough beast” and more appropriate for sure. Living blogs are amenable to editing 🙂 I treasure your thoughtful responses!

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  2. To quote another line from the same Who album, “I call that a bargain” (love). Powerful poem with a different (almost political) feel than much of your other verse, Mary Jo. Nice to see such skill in taking diverse poetic approaches.

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  3. Ah, Mary Jo, you have reminded me that there are some ideas that can only be captured within poetry. We live in uncertain times, where anger is rooted in fear and ambiguity, injustice and inequality. I especially appreciated your words, “We may speak together in sweet relief.” This is a time to temper our words with love, respect, honour. By the way – love the song – remember playing it over and over and over again!!!

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    1. I trust you always to cut through to the positive import of any poem you read. How to enter those briefly appearing spaces of suspended credulity? By not regarding this protest over centuries’ long injustice as monolithic and homogeneous. In such a space we can listen with love to the varied voices of the oppressed. I’ve often bristled when reading Kierkegaard’s criticism of poets, whom he regards as shallow in prescribing a kind of love that lasts only as long as its object— nature, romantic love, or cause—is guaranteed to fade or disappear. Whereas, Kierkegaard’s prescription is the command: You shall love! This is the banner, though our arms get weary. It’s writ in several languages, but we all know what it means. You inspire me always…hugs!!

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      1. As you inspire me. One of my most favourite quotes is “It is perfectly true, as philosophers say, that life must be understood backwards. But they forget the other proposition, that it must be lived forwards.” Søren Kierkegaard. The choice of how we must go forward is critical. When I look back at this time, I want to remember that I chose compassion, resilience, honour, hope. Many hugs coming back….

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  4. It is a very meaningful post on the present state of affairs in the world. right wing stuff everywhere trying to divide humanity. You have so rightly placed your trust in the oneness of Divine love. That is the only truth. Very beautiful. Very.

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    1. Yes, Divine love lights the way. We need to be “wise as serpents but harmless as doves.” The response to injustice and oppression by Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi are beautiful examples for every generation. Sadly, the vultures circling overhead, waiting to pick our bones, need two wings to fly. What we need to resist is division itself!

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  5. I’m speechless, Mary Jo. All I can say is I’m so grateful for knowing you. You have given back this over-used and abused word its essence and so beautifully. …and thank you for the song too! 😉
    A huge huge hug!

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