Silver Cord

While everyone sleeps
I slip out into the night
and deeply breathe
the lilac air

I gaze at the crescent moon
worried at heart
needing more time

Not one of us
escapes her pull
as she labors through phases
to bestow her faithful beauty

The lunar cradle
connects me to every tide and tremor
every person
lost and found

(Photo by Timothy Price used with permission)


Author: Mary Jo Malo

Christian, mother, grandmother, and poet of occasional worth.

12 thoughts on “Silver Cord”

  1. There is a profound, ancient feeling of being alive at night, and surrounded by moonlight. β€œThe lunar cradle connects me to every tide…..” I especially appreciated the scent of lilacs which indicates a spring night, full of vibrant life.

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  2. It did take time to chance discover you, a lady of beautiful words. It seem that everything of worth does indeed take time. Nice to meet you thru your words,
    Mary Jo Malo. I shall now indeed be reading more …!

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