Shakespeare in the Park

Scene One
In spring, well rehearsed
bright yellow flags appear
opening this matinee
At center stage rear
the duck’s behind, up-so-down
gets top billing
He does headstands and frolics
dives and eats God-knows-what
sucking muck
from the bottom of the pond

Scene Two
Robins bicker
They flit and fly
off then on
the broken branches
of this salvaged prop
an ice ravaged
but still pink
blossoming hawthorn
They hop down behind a
curtain of falling petals

Scene Three
As I leave my front row seat
startled bullfrogs plop
into the sun-footed light
shimmering on the lagoon floor
For this surprise encore
I smile applause
Another wonderful performance!
The park’s the thing
wherein I catch
the play

Author: Mary Jo Malo

Christian, mother, grandmother, and poet of occasional worth.

12 thoughts on “Shakespeare in the Park”

  1. I LOVE this poem, Mary Jo. Shakespeare would be pleased. Would you mind if I recite it on a video/podcast? We have just had a snowfall and your words are a reminder that spring is being prepared in the depths of the earth. Hugs!!!

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    1. I would be honored, Rebecca! Our own snowfall yesterday, my recent gift of bulbs garden, and Marina Kanavaki’s 2020 art calendar have all conspired to make me dust off this poem and bring it to life. Hugs!!!

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    1. Some of my fondest memories are from humble little Gormley Park—watching those ducks dive with their tails in the air, all the birds & squirrels, the changing of seasons, the trees I learned to identify, the new bridge and gazebo, the busy basketball courts, and the Tree Town Festival. This park along with the library were wonderful places for children to thrive. I will eventually post more poems highlighting the park.


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