Last Night

The moon shone brightly
through blinded windows
Woke me
Made huge horizontal stripes
on whitewashed walls
I turned toward its familiar beauty
Smiled widely
Then wrapped in my glowing sheets
rolled back away to sleep

The moon shines on
and Pine Ridge too
I want to be on the moon
and wait for the earth
to rise


17 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. Thank you for commenting on my first ever blog post! Writing poetry over my long life has been mostly cathartic, but editing it a neverending and rewarding journey. I want to personally thank you and your blogging community for inspiring me to share my life and creativity. There will be dark moments shared too, since no life is without its shadows. In this world they go hand in hand. LAST NIGHT plays with these themes in ostensibly simple language. I try to employ vivid images and word play, and sometimes humor, to bring my story to life. Poetry is a form of autobiographical fiction.

  2. Courtnay Malo says:

    There’s a beautiful, cyclical rhythm to this poem. It’s artful, profound and reflective (like the light) – contemplative. I love the quiet of it. You’ve inspired me!

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  4. I heartily concur with the comments of your other readers. That second stanza was so unexpected in pulling me out of my usual way of thinking that it gave me a turn.

    • Thank you, Liz! We often talk about the fact that the moon shines over the whole Earth, so I wanted to juxtapose my restful comfort with those who suffer deeply, under the same moon. In the first stanza, my use of the words “blinded,” “whitewashed,” and “sheets,” (wrappings like shrouds), are clues as to my abrupt exclamation that I want to be on the moon and watch the Earth “rise.”

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